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STIXITS – and your training
will never be the same again

STIXITS are revolutionary training devices that are perfectly aligned with the anatomical and biomechanical conditions of the human body and enable training that improves both physical and cognitive performance.

The use of STIXITS allows for a comprehensive, completely new type of physical training that trains the human body holistically, strengthens it, makes it mobile, improves balance, stability, coordination, reflexes and motor skills, is a lot of fun and never gets boring. It is the perfect complement to any type of athletic training because it offers a 360° workout that challenges the person holistically, is biomechanically and biologically relevant and is highly efficient on all planes of movement.

With the STIXITS, training content from low-threshold to maximum load is possible, making training with the STIXITS purposeful and meaningful for everyone from top athletes to health athletes across all age groups.

Modular and hybrid –
a tool concept for a new
training theory

STIXITS are made of an indestructible polyester fabric that is rubberised on the inside. The STIXITS are filled with different materials, whereby length, diameter and filling material define the weight and its use within the training and movement theory flownetiXs, which was newly developed especially for the STIXITS.

The STIXITS are integrated into a modular and compatible accessory system that extensively expands their use and thus the training methods and forms. The system is suitable for training within stationary facilities (gyms, clubs, rehab facilities etc.) as well as for training at home and outdoor.

This is because all STIXITS components are waterproof and weatherproof, making this completely new type of training equipment a truly hybrid system that can be used anywhere. It thus meets all the requirements that the fitness and health industry has to fulfil due to the trend towards hybrid training consisting of independent and mobile fitness training in combination with stationary work-outs in a studio or club.

powered by STIXITS

it’s about stability, mobility,
agility and above all
human ability

The flownetiXs training and movement theory makes use of the anatomical and biomechanical conditions of the human body and enables the movements that define us humans.
The flownetiXs concept enables multidimensional training at all planes of movement, trains the entire musculature through the complete kinetic chain, strengthens all three regions of the human core (pelvis, spine and shoulder axis) equally and ensures biological relevance and high efficiency.

The training theory is based on rotation and anti-rotation, which flownetiXs consistently introduces into functional, athletic training for the first time. The flownetiXs training with the STIXITS system thus offers people the opportunity to follow human functional principles, to strengthen themselves holistically and efficiently at all levels of movement and also to improve their proprioceptive perception, cognitive abilities, balance, stability, coordination, reflexes and mobility. More simply, it improves human abilities on many levels.

flownetiXs powered by STIXITS
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